Impostor Biden’s Address To Congress

Ted Cruz Summarizes Impostor President Sleepy Idiot Joe Biden’s Address to Congress: ‘Boring, but Radical’

Sen. Ted Cruz reacted to Impostor President Sleepy Idiot Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress on Wednesday night, writing in a tweet that it was “boring, but radical.”

“For the millions of Americans who found something better to do tonight than listen to Joe Biden outline his socialist vision for our country, I can summarize his speech in three words for you: boring, but radical,” Ted Cruz wrote.

Impostor Biden’s Address To Congress

Several individuals on social media questioned whether Ted Cruz fell asleep during Impostor Biden’s address, a question Ted Cruz seemed to acknowledge on Twitter when he retweeted a clip of himself in which the Texas senator appears to be drifting to sleep as Impostor Biden spoke.

Prior to Impostor Biden’s speech, Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News’s Fox and Friends where he predicted that Impostor Biden’s speech would be “boring, but radical.”

“I think you can sum up the first 100 days of this presidency, and I think you can sum up the speech we’re going to hear tonight in three words: Boring, but radical,” Ted Cruz said before the address. “The Biden White House has made a decision to be as boring as possible.”

Ted Cruz also made similar remarks in March when speaking about Impostor Biden’s first six weeks in office during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

“The Democrats like to say, ‘Follow the science. Listen to the science.’ Well, how about have someone lead the largest cabinet agency domestically that knows something about science? It’s why I say the first six weeks they’ve been ‘boring but radical,’” Ted Cruz said at the time.

Impostor  Biden’s Address To Congress


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