Police Exist to Uphold White Supremacy

Birdbrain Alyssa Milano: ‘Police Exist to Uphold White Supremacy’

Hollywood left-wing Idiot Birdbrain Alyssa Milano is attacking U.S. law enforcement, claiming that police exist “to uphold white supremacy” despite the fact that white people account for more fatal police shootings than any other race.

The former Charmed Idiot tweeted her baseless claim Thursday, adding that police are “empowered by laws and the courts to inject themselves into Black life for any reason.”

Police shot and killed 1,021 people in 2020 — with blacks accounting for 23 percent of those deaths. That percentage has held steady since at least 2017. White people accounted for 44 percent of police shooting deaths last year, more than any other racial group.

Birdbrain Milano’s smear against law enforcement is the latest left-wing Hollywood Idiots insult directed at police this week. On Wednesday, Con-Comedian Chelsea Handler asked if police officers in America are being given “some extra incentive for every person of color they kill or permanently paralyze?” 

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show Clown Trevor Noah also smeared law enforcement, saying they are all fruit from a “rotten tree.”

Filmmaker Michael Moron Moore tweeted that governments should do more than just “defund the police.” The Moron suggested politicians should “de-fascist the police” and “de-police the police.”

Michael Moore@MMFlint· Brooklyn Center, MN. Windsor, VA. De-fund the police?? De-militarize the police De-Hanitize the police De-contaminate the police De-fang the police De-bigot the police De-arm the police De-white the police De-numbskull the police De-fascist the police De-Police the Police.

Hollywood’s anti-police smears follow the death of Daunte Wright in Minnesota, and the trial of Derek Chauvin over the death last year of George Floyd.

Birdbrain Milano also tweeted about the death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago. Police authorities released a video of the incident as city officials brace for potential riots.

Police Exist to Uphold White Supremacy


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