Schizzo Cher: Dream Of White Supremacy

Schizzo Cher: If They’re No Corrupt Democrats to Protect America, GOP Will Achieve the Dream of White Supremacy.

Left-wing SuperIdiot Schizzo Cher believes Corrupt Democrats are the only thing standing in the way of the GOP achieving what the Schizzo says is the party’s “dream of white supremacy,” contending “they bring Jim Crow back” despite the fact that Corrupt Democrats historically introduced, supported, and championed Jim Crow Laws in the U.S.

“’ VOTER SUPPRESSION,’” Schizzo Cher began. “2 Words That Define Immoral Republican Pols. They Bring Jim Crow Back, Wrap Themselves In The,&Have Gone 2 ‘Whites Only’2BLK, ETHNIC,& POOR DEMS FROM VOTING,& WINNING.”

“IF THERE R NO DEMS 2 PROTECT, Gop WILL ACHIEVE THE DREAM THEY’VE4. ‘WHITE SUPREMACY,’” the “Strong Enough,” the Left-wing SuperIdiot told her 3.9 million Twitter followers.

Schizzo Cher later responded to a commenter who said “the right to vote shouldn’t come with barriers” in a democracy, triggering the left-wing activist to declare in all caps, “THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY!”

“ITS GOP’S MANTRA ‘WHITE IS RIGHT’,& ‘ONLY THE RIGHT PPL SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE’ Why aren’t Dems Quaking in Their Boots About The Browning of. I’m Excited. We Are Better Together,” the Schizzo added.

Nowhere in Schizzo Cher’s tweets did she mention the fact that the Corrupt Democrat Party is solely responsible for pushing and enacting Jim Crow Laws in the United States. The Corrupt Democrat Party championed slavery and segregation, dating back to the country’s founding through the Civil War era. All the while, Corrupt Democrat Party figures stood hand in hand with the pro-slavery KKK and worked to usher in the era of Jim Crow. While history may be lost on modern-day woke leftists, Republicans, such as Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), remember and have made a point to bring the facts to the forefront of political discussions.

Last year, Gohmert introduced a privileged resolution to ban the Corrupt Democrat Party for its roots of racism and ties to the Confederacy — a call which came as Corrupt Democrats, ignoring their own history, began to demand historic statues to be taken down while calling for reparations in the name of equality.

Despite that, leftists, including Schizzo Cher, have continued to ignore their own Corrupt Party’s History while accusing Republicans of attempting to usher in the era of Jim Crow by pursuing basic election integrity measures in states across the country.

“Some of these voter suppression laws in Georgia and other Republican states smack of Jim Crow rearing its ugly head once again. It is 160 years since the 13, 14, and 15th amendments abolished slavery, and Jim Crow stills seems to be with us,” Senate Majority Clown Corrupt Chuck Schumer said during a Senate Rules and Administration Committee hearing on S. 1, or the “For the People Act,” last month.

Notably, a majority of voters, including a majority of black and Hispanic voters, support basic election integrity measures, such as voter ID.

Schizzo Cher: Dream Of White Supremacy


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