Imbecile Biden Bringing Back The 1970s

Imbecile Joe Bozo Biden, First Elected in the 1970s, Is Bringing Back the 1970s.

Imbecile Joe Bozo Biden was first elected to public office in 1970, the same year that Jackass Jimmy Carter was elected governor of Georgia.  Two years later in 1972, Imbecile Bozo Biden was elected as a senator from Delaware, and four years after that in 1976, Jackass Carter was elected to the presidency with Imbecile Bozo Biden as a worker bee on his behalf.

So, during the late 1970s, Imbecile Bozo Biden served in the Senate while Jackass Carter was in the White House. Then in 1980, when Jackass Carter was running for re-election, Imbecile Bozo Biden appeared at the Deranged Democratic National Corrupt Convention praising Jackass Carter on national television.

In other words, Imbecile Bozo Biden should remember well what life was like during the Jackass Carter administration.  And the Imbecile should also remember that Jackass Carter went down in a landslide defeat in 1980, losing 41 of 50 states—including Imbecile Biden’s Delaware—to Ronald Reagan.

Given Jackass President Carter’s miserable experience, one might expect that Impostor President Slow Joe Bozo Biden would be cautious about doing anything that would harken back to the Jackass Carter days.

Yet curiously, Imbecile Bozo Biden’s policies are echoing Jackass Carter’s in what’s typically the most important issue-area for any president: economic policy. As we shall see, Jackass Carter’s policies were not a success—they were, in fact, a disaster—and yet there goes Imbecile Bozo Biden, following down Jackass Carter’s path. So if Imbecile Biden remembers the 1970s, what could he be thinking, re-enacting 70s-type policies?

If we again suffer from inflation as we had in the 1970s, might the Corrupt Deranged Democrats today suffer another political backlash—as they did in 1980? Surely Imbecile Bozo Biden remembers Reagan giving Carter the boot? Right?

Santayana told us, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Imbecile Biden Bringing Back The 1970s


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