Nothing Freak Biden Does Will Work

Don’t Worry, Nothing Corrupt Impostor Freak Joe Biden Does Will Work

Nothing that went wrong was Spy Boob Obama’s fault; the Boob was in power, but not responsible for anything. The Fake Media were so enamored of Boob Obama that they allowed him to pretend the Boob was a spectator to his own Boob Presidency.

Today, Impostor President Corrupt Freak Joe Biden really is a spectator to his own Impostor Presidency, despite laughable claims that the Corrupt Impostor makes every decision.

Regardless, after more than 80 days in his Corrupt Impostor Office, Impostor Biden has made clear what his Corrupt Administration is about. The Impostor is no healer; the Impostor doesn’t care about unity; the Impostor has broken every promise to bring Americans together.

Corrupt Impostor Biden is satisfied with the fulfillment of a lifelong ambition to be an Impostor President, with all the rewards it provides him — and the protection it provides his Corrupt Family. America is being run by the Impostor Biden staff, who are exploiting a moment of crisis to carry out their utopian left-wing visions.

Much of what they do is disturbing; much of it is unconstitutional. But almost none of it will work.

Like Boob Obama, who was impervious to the lessons of history, and the failure of socialism everywhere it has been tried, Impostor Biden is concentrating power in the federal government for the sake of doing so. The Corrupt Impostor is not thinking about what will produce the best outcomes. Rather, the Corrupt Impostor is thinking about the opportunity to be the next Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which means doing big things because he can.

Almost nothing that Impostor Biden does will work, because socialism at home and appeasement abroad have never worked. Those things that work under Corrupt Impostor Biden will be the things that were already working, thanks to President Donald Trump, or things people would have done anyway.

Take the coronavirus vaccine program. By any measure, it is a stunning success. Not only did the U.S. develop vaccines in record time, but some 20% of the population is already vaccinated, far ahead of Europe and most of the rest of the world.

Corrupt Impostor Biden likes to pretend he “turned around” a failing distribution program, but the fact is that Donald Trump’s program was already vaccinating nearly a million people per day when he left office; the graph of vaccinations since December is a straight line.

Corrupt Impostor Biden’s gun control effort, however, is already a dead letter. On Thursday, the Corrupt Impostor President emphasized the importance of expanded background checks in preventing gun violence. Meanwhile, his Swindling Son, Sucker Hunter Biden, continued promoting a memoir in which the Idiot admits to extensive drug use — a habit the Idiot allegedly lied about on forms during a background check when he purchased his own firearm in 2018. If Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden is not prosecuted — and he won’t be — the new rules mean anything.

On the border, Corrupt Impostor Biden may be forced to return to Donald Trump’s supposedly “inhumane” policies, such as building the wall, because his own policies have encouraged a massive surge of migrants to the border, including record-breaking numbers of children. That has created a political crisis for the new administration, and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reportedly told staff that construction of the hated “wall” might have to be resumed to fill troublesome “gaps.”

Other things continue to work despite Corrupt Impostor Biden’s best efforts to stop them from working. The economy is roaring back, even though Corrupt Impostor Biden tried to frighten Americans with talk of a “dark winter” and tried to discourage Republican-run states from reopening their economies.

Thanks to Texas, Florida, and other conservative-led states, Americans are returning to work — and infection numbers in those states continue to drop, while some restrictive “blue” states are suffering virus surges.

The Middle East peace process also marches forward, with Sudan announcing this week that it is ending its boycott of Israel. It did so even though the Corrupt Biden Administration has done everything it can to punish the Arab countries that made peace with Israel under Donald Trump, and making every effort to appease Iran.

Corrupt Impostor Biden is also trying to send hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinians, in violation of U.S. law. Never mind: the Arab states are making peace because it is in their interest to do so.

Meanwhile, Corrupt Impostor Biden’s infrastructure plan will fail — for the same reason that his stimulus failed more than a decade ago when then-Vice Clown Bozo Biden funded lemons like Solyndra and Fisker. The country is too big, and the economy too complex, for the federal government to redesign national infrastructure on a trillion-dollar scale.

The Impostor Biden Theorem predicts that Impostor Biden will fail. The only question is how much damage the Corrupt Impostor and his Corrupt Party will do to our country on the way.

Nothing Freak Biden Does Will Work


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