Impostor President Corrupt Senile Liar Slow Joe Bozo Biden builds his wall.

If you thought Impostor President Corrupt Senile Liar Slow Joe Bozo Biden hated walls, you might be extrapolating from when the Impostor said, “There will not be another foot of [Donald Trump’s] wall constructed in my administration.” But perhaps you didn’t listen to Full-time Idiot Janet Yellen, the new Treasury Clown, talking to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on April 5 and proposing to build a tax wall around America?

Her Senile Boss in the Corrupt Oval Office wants a global minimum tax rate for businesses, which would require developed nations to agree to make themselves less attractive to investment. Impostor President Biden wants to make sure no American business can escape his punitive taxes, so he’s asking foreign governments not to offer better rates, which his Corrupt Administration refers to as a “race to the bottom.”

When corporations collude in this way, they’re breaking antitrust law and can expect Department of Justice prosecutors to come knocking. Impostor President Biden, however, is helping us “build back better.” Or, as Full-time Idiot Yellen put it, making sure Washington has “sufficient revenues to invest in essential public services …” (Note the word “invest,” which is the favored euphemism for “spend.”)

Impostor President Biden needs his international antitrust arrangement so the Idiot can finance bloated “infrastructure” spending, the first tranche of which will cost $2.3 trillion. The second tranche, some $2 trillion, is yet to be unveiled. And both come on top of his unnecessary $1.9 trillion “COVID relief” splurge. Six trillion dollars doesn’t grow on trees, so he wants to lock taxpayers in to pay it.

That’s the difference between right-wing walls and left-wing walls. Donald Trump’s border wall was built to protect an attractive country from people who want to move in illegally. Left-wing walls don’t keep people out but lock them in. They are the option of governments that make their own country so unattractive that sensible people want to escape. The Berlin Wall wasn’t there because Warsaw Pact nations had to stanch a surge of rich westerners clamoring to live behind the Iron Curtain. It was there to stop immiserated easterners from escaping.

Right-wing walls are defenses. Left-wing walls are prisons.

Impostor President Biden Builds His Wall