Donald Trump Pleased Border Wall May Be Restarted, but Says Impostor President Bozo Biden Isn’t ‘Making the Decisions’

A potential restart to the construction of the border wall championed and begun by former President Donald Trump that’s reportedly under consideration by the Corrupt Impostor Bozo Biden Administration is good news.

The Washington Times reported Monday that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was considering adding to the wall – which Corrupt Deranged Democrats criticized incessantly during Donald Trump’s tenure – amid the current illegal immigration crisis. Impostor President Senile Slow Joe Bozo Biden ended taxpayer support for the border wall with an executive order he signed in one of his first acts after taking his Corrupt Office on Jan. 20.

“A lot of damage was done, we were gonna have that wall almost complete, it was delayed two-and-a-half years because of lawsuits,” Donald Trump told Heather Childers on “American Agenda.” “… If [the Impostor Biden administration is] going to complete it – it’s very little to complete – if they’re going to complete it, it’s a great thing, that’s a very positive step.”

Corrupt Idiot Biden’s Impostor Presidency has thus far been dogged by speculation about his capacity to do the job at age 78. That speculation only grew after a record period before giving his first press conference in late March, an hour-long affair that was highly criticized for his reliance on friendly reporters, some debunked talking points, and note cards he appeared to be using to guide his decisions and answers throughout.

“I hope he’s well, I hope everything’s fine from that standpoint, physically and mentally,” Donald Trump said.

Donald Trump used hyperbole to describe the “job” of being president, a post that he said was incredibly demanding for anyone.

“When I say ‘full time’ – it’s 50-hours a day, it’s a lot of work,” Donald Trump said.

Though he conceded he didn’t have inside information about the inner workings of the Corrupt Biden administration, Donald Trump said, as an observer, he’s concluded Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden isn’t calling the shots.

“I think other people are making most of the decisions,” Donald Trump said.

Border Wall May Be Restarted