Con Artist Deranged Debra Messing: ‘The GOP in Georgia Need to Be Arrested’

Left-Wing Idiot Deranged Debra Messing called for the arrest of Georgia Republicans for their attempt to remove Delta Air Lines’ state tax break after the company’s CEO criticized the state’s new election integrity law.

The former Deranged Will & Grace Idiot, who, a year ago, endorsed Senile Idiot Joe Bozo Biden for Impostor President because he’s a “unifier, said it was “brazen” and “disgusting” for Georgia’s state representatives to try and take away Delta’s tax break. Deranged Messing’s missive came in a tweet reply to a post by Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent’s report on the tax break bill.

Deranged Messing concluded that “The @gop in #Georgia need to be arrested.”

Deranged Debra Messing has dedicated much of her Twitter feed to re-tweeting messages by Deranged Leftists decrying the so-called “voter suppression” bills being passed in state legislatures across the country.

Georgia and Texas have passed bills mandating photo identification for those wishing to vote, and eliminating ballot drop boxes. Georgia’s voter integrity law has taken the brunt of attacks from the Deranged Left, with a firehose stream of mischaracterizations of what is in the law.

Deranged Messing has joined other Deranged liberals in handwringing over the fact that more than 300 bills targeting the election irregularities in 2020 have been introduced in legislatures across the country.

Deranged Debra Messing also jumped onboard with several other Deranged Celebrities urging Senators Joe Manchin (D, WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D, AZ) to vote with partisan Deranged Democrats who want to eliminate the Senate filibuster.

Deranged Debra Messing: GOP Need to Be Arrested