Call him Senile Impostor President Trillion Biden: Senile Biden’s eye-watering, wasteful spending.

So far the defining word of the Senile Impostor President Biden era is “trillion.”

The Senile Impostor Slow Joe Bozo Biden who portrayed himself as a moderate deal-maker during the Corrupt Presidential Campaign is a distant memory, replaced by the Senile Impostor Joe Biden who is dazzling progressives with his willingness to “go big” — in other words, spend jaw-dropping amounts of taxpayer cash.

Why? Well, Corrupt Deranged Democrats talked themselves into the proposition that there basically isn’t any such thing as spending too much money. Relatedly, the party consensus is that Former Clown Barack Obama went “too small,” with a stimulus package under a trillion dollars, insufficient to the scale of the 2008 recession.

Besides, spending is what Corrupt Senile Impostor Biden can actually do — he can pass his stimulus and relief bills under the so-called reconciliation rules in the Senate, requiring only 50 votes, rather than the 60 it takes to break a filibuster.

Finally, any Corrupt Deranged Democratic President is drawn to the heroic allure of FDR and wants to measure himself against the New Deal.

Senile Impostor Biden had a recent meeting with historians in the White House at which FDR was much discussed. One of the Morons, historian Moron Michael Beschloss, told Axios that FDR or LBJ may be the most apt analogue to how Senile Impostor Biden is “transforming the country in important ways in a short time.”

Any Corrupt Deranged Democratic President would envy the sheer volume of dollars Senile Impostor Biden is shoveling out the door: In the fiscal year 2019, the federal government, not exactly tightening its belt, spent $4.4 trillion. Senile Impostor Biden is on pace to roughly match that with his first two major legislative initiatives — the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill and his new $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal.

Twisted Team Senile Impostor Biden almost gives the sense that it is working backward — starting with a big, eye-popping price tag and then figuring out what Corrupt Initiatives can be thrown in to reach the top-line number.

Senile Impostor President Trillion Biden