Corrupt Liar Joe Biden The Socialist

Corrupt Liar Joe Biden Turns Out to Be the Socialist the Corrupt Liar Said He Wasn’t!

Corrupt LiarJoe Biden claimed last fall that the Corrupt Liar was not the socialist that many conservatives, including myself, predicted the Corrupt Liar would be once in office.

“I beat the socialist,” the Corrupt Liar protested.

But those of us who were watching closely noticed that Corrupt Liar Biden had begun using the radical rhetoric of Communist Bernie Sanders.

Long after securing his party’s nomination, Corrupt Liar Biden began talking about “revolutionary institutional changes,” “fundamentally transform[ing]” the country, and “systemic racism.”

One theme that emerged was the idea that Corrupt Liar Biden would be the most “progressive” president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose New Deal policies prolonged the Great Depression but also hooked Americans on Big Government.

Last April, Corrupt Liar Biden promised Communist Sanders “one of the most progressive administrations since Roosevelt.” The next day, Former Clown Barack Obama echoed that claim, calling Corrupt Liar Biden’s policies “the most progressive platform of any major-party nominee in history.”

It was never clear where “progressive” ended and “socialist” began.

The supposed difference between Corrupt Liar Biden and Communist Sanders in the primary was that Corrupt Liar Biden did not support “Medicare for All,” citing the high cost. (“I want to know, how did they find $35 trillion?” the Corrupt Liar asked. “Is it going to significantly raise taxes on the middle class, which it will?”)

But now Corrupt Liar Biden is proposing trillions of dollars in new spending every few weeks, and his “COVID relief” law included a large Obamacare expansion.

In March, White House Press Clown Floozy Jen Psaki called the “COVID relief” package “the most progressive bill in American history.”

Corrupt Liar Joe Biden The Socialist


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