Impostor Biden’s ‘Jobs Plan’ is a Con Job

Corrupt Impostor Slow Joe Bozo Biden’s ‘jobs plan’ is a horrific con job.

“It’s not a plan that tinkers around the edges,” Impostor President Slow Joe Bozo Biden said in Pittsburgh of his $2 trillion “American Jobs Plan.” No freaking kidding: It’s half of his master plan to utterly remake the nation in the name of recovery from the pandemic.

America is reopening thanks to vaccines developed in record time, and the economy is all set to return to the pre-COVID boom. Rather than get the government to get out of the way as everyone gets back to work, Impostor Bozo Biden aims to spend unprecedented sacks of cash to grow the government and let Corrupt Democratic interest groups gorge.

Step Two, his “American Families Plan,” drops in a few weeks with another $2 trillion in spending. This comes on top of his $1.9 trillion so-called “COVID relief” package — and the $4 trillion Corrupt Congress OK’d last year, a quarter of it still unspent.

“This is the moment to reimagine and rebuild a new economy,” the White House says. Why other than the fact that Corrupt Deranged Democrats think they can get away with it?

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said in February — before Impostor Bozo Biden’s first big bill passed — that the economy will reach its previous peak by mid-year, no new federal cash baths needed.

But then, Corrupt Impostor Slow Joe Bozo Biden’s proposal isn’t about letting Americans get back to building their own lives. It’s not even actually an American Jobs Plan, it’s a con job to sell America on central planning.

Impostor Biden’s ‘Jobs Plan’ is a Con Job


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