Colored Cockroach ‘Queen Sugar’ Smears Donald Trump Voters as a Racist ‘Cult’

Floozy Oprah Winfrey Network series Colored Cockroach Queen Sugar attacked the 70 million-plus Americans who supported Donald Trump, calling them a racist “cult” that would rather get nothing than allow black Americans to get ahead.

The Colored Cockroach Series follows the lives of contemporary Colored Cockroach Women running a Colored Cockroach Black-Owned Cockroach Farm in Louisiana who are also Social Justice Idiots. In the March 30th episode, Floozy Cockroach Nova ( Colored Cockroach Rutina Wesley) is seen organizing children for a Black Lives Matter Looters Protest. The Colored Cockroach unleashes on President Trump and his supporters.

Colored Cockroach Nova is praised in the episode for involving children in her Political Colored Cockroach Activism for “teaching them early,” but during a conversation about her plans for the Black Lives Matter Looters Event, Colored Cockroach Nova turned on Donald Trump voters. Trump supporters have joined a “cult,” Colored Cockroach Nova says, one that would rather have nothing for themselves as long as blacks don’t have anything, either.

Colored Cockroach Nova begins her rant by accusing Donald Trump of bringing back the racism that Civil Rights activists had worked to eliminate.

“But in less than four years, Trump unleashed something from the shadows that took generations for our ancestors to drive out of the light in the first place,” the Colored Cockroach says.

The episode was set before the Corrupt 2020 Election, so the conversation moved to what was for the show the upcoming Corrupt Presidential Election.

“You see these people. It’s a cult,” Colored Cockroach Nova said. “They don’t just believe him, they believe in him. A billionaire who’s never worked a real day in his life, who dodged the military service, who don’t believe in their churches, who scorns and derides them. They’d rather hang on to that nothingness, that disdain, rather than give up the dominance of whiteness.”

Colored Cockroach Nova concludes her attack on Donald Trump and his supporters, saying, “Even if he slithers away, everything he represents and promotes will never be gone. Not in our lifetimes anyway.”

Watch: Queen Sugar “June 1, 2020” – Trump

This week’s woke episode is far from the only time that Colored Cockroach Queen Sugar pushed a Deranged Politically Leftist Message. The previous episode featured the Deranged Message that all white people should “feel shame” over the death of George Floyd.

Colored Cockroach ‘Queen Sugar’ Smears Donald Trump