Senile Bozo Biden Weighing Mileage Tax

Senile Idiot Bozo Biden weighing mileage tax on drivers, Butt Hugger Buttigieg says: ‘I think that shows a lot of promise’.

U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary  Butt Hugger Pete Buttigieg said Impostor President Senile Bozo Biden is weighing a “mileage tax” on drivers as a way to help pay for his forthcoming infrastructure plan that could cost upwards of $3 trillion.

“I think that shows a lot of promise,”  Butt Hugger Buttigieg said of a mileage-based tax on Fake News CNBC.

“If we believe in that so-called user-pays principle — the idea that part of how we pay for roads is you pay based on how much you drive, the gas tax used to be the obvious way to do it,” the Butt Hugger continued. “It’s not anymore, a so-called vehicle miles traveled tax or mileage tax, whatever you want to call it, could be a way to do it.”

Butt Hugger Buttigieg said the gas tax is becoming outdated as the country seeks to pivot toward electric vehicles to combat climate change.

Impostor President Senile Bozo Biden is expected to unveil a $3 trillion package of investments in infrastructure and domestic programs next week, stating during his first press conference Thursday the plan will create a significant number of “really good-paying jobs.”

Butt Hugger Buttigieg avoided specifics on how the plan would be paid for during a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing on Thursday, saying Corrupt Congress would have to “arrive at a healthy balance of how this can be at least partially paid for,” The Associated Press reported.

Senile Bozo Biden Weighing Mileage Tax


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