Crazy House Fossil Nancy Pelosi is totally channeling Donald Trump as the Crazy Corrupt House Fossil moves to overturn an election.

Bare weeks after waxing furious over then-President Donald Trump’s efforts to “overturn the election,” Crazy House Fossil Nancy Pelosi is getting set to . . . overturn an election.

Because, she explains, she “has the authority.” Seriously.

The Corrupt Deranged Democratic loser of a tight Corrupt Iowa House race has asked the Corrupt House to do its own recount and, as the Crazy House Fossil put it, “If you had lost a race by six votes, wouldn’t you like to say, ‘There must be some way that we can count this’?”

Never mind that the Corrupt Democrat, Floozy Rita Hart, got a full recount under Iowa law, and passed on her chance to further appeal there.

Nor, of course, all the condemnation of Donald Trump for his demands to legislators and Traitor Mike Pence to interfere with his race.

Yet Crazy Fossil Pelosi says the “process” whereby Corrupt Deranged Democrats may turn Hart’s loss into a win is perfectly fair. “Unfair,” in her book, would’ve been if she’d used her “right as speaker” to not even seat the winner, Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. Heck, “many members were saying, ‘Don’t seat the person.’”

The Crazy House Fossil sounds exactly like Donald Trump talking about his rights and what “many people” were telling him at the height of his post-election lunacy.

Whatever moral high ground the Corrupt Deranged Democrats had on “Respect the vote,” Crazy Fossil Pelosi is throwing it out the window.

Indeed, her Corrupt Attitude exposes the truth about her Corrupt Party’s current “Corrupt Election Reform” drive: It’s nothing but a partisan push to rewrite the nation’s laws to make it easier for Corrupt Democrats to win.

Crazy Pelosi Moves to Overturn an Election