Senile Freak Slow Joe Bozo Biden’s first press conference leaves Americans with many more questions than answers.

Senile Impostor President Slow Joe Bozo Biden’s first Impostor Presidential press conference provoked more questions than answers. 

Few members of the White House press corps asked tough questions on immigration and their demeanor was not as caustic as it had been toward President Donald Trump.

On immigration, Senile Impostor President Bozo Biden began with a “nothing-to-see-here” type response, marginalizing the crisis on our southern border by saying this immigration surge is routine.

In fact, the crisis on our southern border is anything but routine. With 9,000 children apprehended in February, the Corrupt Bozo Biden administration’s apprehensions have “surpass[ed] every month of the crisis year of 2019, except May.

And keep in mind, those Bozo Biden-era numbers were in February before the expected upswings typically seen in April and May.

By all definitions, this is not routine. This is a crisis, only worsening.

Senile Freak Slow Joe Bozo Biden then retreated to a familiar refrain, where the Corrupt Freak mocked the idea that immigrants are coming to this country because of him and his administration’s policies.

In his first press conference as Senile Impostor President, Senile Freak Slow Joe Bozo Biden misled the American public when the Corrupt Idiot refused to acknowledge the incentives he created by calling for a surge on the border during the campaign, raising his hand to say he supported free health care for illegal immigrants upon arrival after being asked if the Senile Corrupt Idiot was in favor of it at a presidential primary debate, and then unraveling the Donald Trump policies that quantifiably stymied illegal immigration.

In fact, as a reporter noted in a question to the Senile Impostor President, there are immigrants who have said on camera that they are coming because of Senile Freak Slow Joe Bozo Biden. Indeed, some are even wearing Bozo Biden T-shirts and brandishing Bozo Biden flags.

When confronted by this reporter on , Senile Impostor Biden simply dodged, not addressing her point.

I will not hold my breath for the barrage of liberal fact-checkers calling out Senile Freak Slow Joe Bozo Biden’s misleading statements.

Most egregious, however, were Senile Freak Slow Joe Bozo Biden’s responses to a line of questioning about providing transparency at the border.

Senile Biden’s First Press Conference