Reporters suck up to ‘nice guy’ Senile Sleazebag Corrupt Idiot Slow Joe Bozo Biden.

It’s not the most popular sport, but there it was: television networks giving up afternoon airtime to a softball match.

Stonewalled for 65 days by Impostor President Senile Sleazebag Corrupt Idiot Slow Joe Bozo Biden, reporters decided their first opportunity to question him should be used to let the Corrupt Sleazebag monologue on his favorite topics.

The Associated Press kicked things off by suggesting Republicans were obstructionists — how is Senile Sleazebag Slow Joe Bozo Biden going to get around that?

There were a number of questions about the filibuster, with the media basically begging the president to get rid of it. These weren’t inquiries; they were activism.

Another question, paraphrased: “Republicans want to pass new election laws, would you like to tell us how terrible that is?”

Most of the press couldn’t even say President Donald Trump’s name. They called him “your predecessor.”

One reporter, Yamiche Alcindor of PBS, asked a question about the border premised on the idea that “you’re a nice guy.”

It’s shocking how low the bar has been set for Impostor President Senile Slow Joe Bozo Biden. The Corrupt Idiot seemed confused going from questioner to questioner, rambling to the point where the Corrupt Impostor finally said, exhausted, “ . . . anyway.”

Senile Sleazebag Slow Joe Bozo Biden was mostly monotone until weirdly, hitting his old stump speech, the Idiot suddenly raised his voice.

And some of his lines. “Makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” “I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party” in four years. “C’mon, man.” What is the Senile Idiot talking about??

“I’m focused every day of putting one foot in front of the other.” Dream big, man!

Where’s Jim Acosta yelling and interrupting?

Senile Sleazebag Slow Joe Bozo Biden started off with a whopper, saying that the United States has performed better than any country in the world when it comes to vaccines as if Israel doesn’t exist.

‘Nice Guy’ Senile Sleazebag Biden