GOP Lawmakers Press Freak Joe Bozo Biden to Open Border for Media Scrutiny: ‘Insult to Free Press’

Impostor President and Senile Idiot Slow Joe Bozo Biden, who vowed to run a “CORRUPT” administration, pointedly declined to commit to allowing the media and camera crews full access to the situation at the southern border. Now, Republicans are assailing Biden for that stance, calling it being “an insult to the purposes of a free press.”

“This crisis is out of control,” Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, wrote in a letter to Senile Idiot Slow Joe Bozo Biden, signed by 20 of his House GOP colleagues. “Indeed, it is far worse than most realize, largely because your administration is not only mischaracterizing the crisis but also prohibiting journalists from witnessing and documenting the crisis up close.”

“This is an insult to the purposes of a free press — as defended in our Constitution —  which are to inform the public and hold those in power accountable.”

The Corrupt Bozo Biden Administration is restricting access to reporters and cameras as the southern border is overwhelmed by a migrant influx even Corrupt Impostor President Bozo Biden now acknowledges, though he ultimately faults the Donald Trump administration.

“Seeing as your administration refuses to publicly acknowledge the crisis in contradiction to demonstrable facts, denying reporters access can only be seen as a craven effort to keep the public from fully realizing the extent to which this administration’s policies have created chaos, lawlessness, and human suffering along our southern border,” the letter continued.

Corrupt Impostor Freak Bozo Biden, in the first press conference of his Corrupt Administration, said he’s inclined to open up press access at the border after his corrective plans there are implemented.

GOP Lawmakers Press Freak Biden