Cheat Sheet Told Senile Idiot Slow Joe Bozo Biden Which Reporters to Pick During Press Conference.

Photos from Impostor President Senile Idiot Slow Joe Bozo Biden’s press conference revealed the Senile Corrupt Idiot had a large sheet of paper showing him which reporters to call on.

The prompt had visible headshot photos of reporters in the room, including large handwritten numbers that were circled by the photo of each reporter he called on.

The images of the numbered journalists included Justin Sink of Bloomberg, Zeke Miller from the Associated Press, and Ken Thomas of the Wall Street Journal, all reporters Corrupt Impostor Bozo Biden called on during the press conference.

Some of the boxes in the cheat sheet did not include a picture and were crossed out.

Cheat Sheet Biden

The photos were taken by pool photographer Oliver Contreras who was in the East Room of the White House during the press conference.

Despite having a cheat sheet, Corrupt Senile Idiot Bozo Biden paused significantly before every question as the Senile Idiot looked down at his notes before calling on a reporter.

The Corrupt Impostor also struggled with some of the names of the reporters.

Senile Idiot Slow Joe Bozo Biden called Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim “Miss Kim” and ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega “Cecilia.”

The Impostor President’s press conference lasted 62 minutes and the Senile Impostor called on ten reporters for questions.

Cheat Sheet Senile Idiot Joe Biden