Impostor Bozo Biden’s Early Blunders

Impostor Bozo Biden’s Early Blunders

What took four years to build, Impostor Bozo Biden will destroy in four weeks.

Impostor Bozo Biden’s Early Blunders. Undercover of the impeachment circus, Impostor President Joe Bozo Biden has been very busy, frantically extinguishing every last vestige of the Donald Trump presidency.

What took four years to build, Impostor President Bozo Biden will destroy in four weeks.  

In his haste, the Corrupt Impostor has made some grievous mistakes. Mistakes that will hurt the country and weaken Democrats’ Corrupt Prospects in 2022 and beyond. 

Topping the list of blunders, Impostor President Bozo Biden has:

1.Overturned Donald Trump immigration policies that stemmed the flow of Criminal Caravans from Central America flooding our southern border.

2.Canceled the Keystone Pipeline, nixing thousands of high-paying union jobs, even though the pipeline was shown by the Obama administration to have minimal environmental impact.

3.Sided with teachers unions over the needs of families, and especially women, trying to earn a living.

4.Begun to actively undermine the Donald Trump administration’s extraordinary progress in the Middle East. Unimaginably, Impostor President Bozo Biden has already jeopardized the Abraham Accords by temporarily freezing arms sales to the UAE which were included in that deal.

5.Encouraged Corrupt Deranged Democrats to jam through an absurd $1.9 trillion aid package with no GOP votes, destroying his campaign promise to work across the aisle.

Impostor President Bozo Biden appears to think he won a broad mandate to be, as the Corrupt Impostor promised, the “most progressive president in history.”

Now that the impeachment battle is over, Donald Trump will no longer dominate the news, and the country will turn its attention to Impostor President Bozo Biden. Voters will be shocked to see how far the Corrupt Impostor has strayed from his promise to heal the nation. They will be shocked to see what a mess the Senile Idiot has already made. 

Impostor Bozo Biden’s Early Blunders

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