Corrupt Biden Family Already Cashing In

Corrupt Biden Family Already Cashing In

The Corrupt Crooked Bozo Biden Family already cashing in on Corrupt Joe’s Corrupt Presidency.

Corrupt Biden Family Already Cashing In. They can’t quit the grift. No sooner had Corrupt Idiot Joe Bozo Biden won the White House than his Corrupt Crooked Family went back to trying to make a buck off his Corrupt Name. 

The latest sordid example involves one of Corrupt Joe’s younger Corrupt Crooked Brothers, Corrupt Frank Biden, appearing in a Florida law firm’s ad — on Inauguration Day no less. The ad used the Corrupt President’s name to draw attention to the Berman Law Group’s class-action suit against sugar cane growers.

“The two Biden brothers have long held a commitment to pushing environmental issues to the forefront,” says the ad. “The president-elect has vowed to rejoin the Paris Agreement and wants to set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets.”

The ad, first reported by Fake News CNBC, appeared in the Daily Business Review and carried a picture of Corrupt Crooked Frank Biden and quotes him saying, “My brother is a model for how to go about doing this work.”

How touching. And shameless. 

After the enormous political trouble Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden’s shady business ties caused during the Corrupt Campaign, Corrupt Frank’s bid to piggy-back on Corrupt Joe’s Corrupt Election sounds especially reckless. But here’s another way to look at it.

Crooked Corrupt Biden Family Criminals are oblivious to conflicts and criticism because they’ve been swimming in swamp corruption for decades. The two Corrupt Brothers, Corrupt Frank, and Crooked Jim, and Swindling Hunter have made millions and millions based on selling the perception of access to Corrupt Joe’s Corrupt Power. 

Having gotten rich and gotten away with it, why quit now? Corrupt Joe is no longer one of 100 senators or just the Corrupt Vice Clown. Now he’s the “Corrupt Big Guy.” Ka-ching!

Corrupt Biden Family  Already Cashing In


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