Bozo Biden’s Flurry of Immigration Nonsense

Bozo Biden’s Flurry of Immigration Nonsense

Six AGs Threaten Suit Over Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Flurry of Immigration Nonsense.

Bozo Biden’s Flurry of Immigration Nonsense. Six state attorneys general in red-leaning states have threatened legal action if Corrupt Joe Bozo Biden goes too far in implementing Radical Nonsense Policies, including the repeal of immigration laws.

The six — from Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana, Texas, and West Virginia — all signed a letter addressed to Corrupt Bozo Biden expressing concern over the stack of Executive Nonsense Orders the Corrupt Idiot signed in less than a week and a half in his Corrupt Office, per Breitbart.

In the letter, the attorneys general said Corrupt Bozo Biden’s work thus far “appears to indicate” his Corrupt Administration “may be following the unfortunate path of executive unilateralism.”

They warned they’ll take action if ” Corrupt Cabinet Officials, Corrupt Executive Officers, and Corrupt Agencies” act beyond their Corrupt Authority. Their concerns included an “extreme ‘Green New Deal’ agenda,” overreaching to make changes in the healthcare system, and “spending sprees without congressional authorizations.”

“Overreaching and defying Congress will not be rewarded or succeed,” they wrote. “Our States have led the charge in successfully challenging unauthorized and unlawful executive actions, as you know from your years as vice president. You can be assured that we will do so again, if necessary.”

The attorneys general said it sometimes fell to them to ensure federal laws were followed.

“When presidents do not take care to ensure that executive agencies live up to their obligation of reasoned decision making, the task often falls to us as State Attorneys General to challenge their actions in court,” they wrote.

“While we would rather you keep agencies from running amok in the first place, we will not hesitate to step up to the plate when our States are harmed by agency malfeasance.”

The six attorneys general include Arkansas’ Leslie Rutledge, Indiana’s Todd Rokita, Mississippi’s Lynn Fitch, Montana’s Austin Knudsen, Texas’ Ken Paxton, and West Virginia’s Patrick Morrisey. 

Among the first batch of Executive Nonsense Orders Bozo Biden signed were ones that: revoked former President Donald Trump’s 2017 travel ban; halted construction of the southern border wall; rescinded the exclusion of non-citizens from the census; and froze deportations for 100 days.

A federal judge barred the Corrupt U.S. Government from enforcing the 100-day deportation moratorium.

The Corrupt Bozo also has proposed amnesty to Undocumented Criminals as part of his pathway to citizenship, and First Floozy Lady Jill Bozo Biden is said to be helping reunite Criminal Migrant Families separated under the Donald Trump administration.

Corrupt Bozo Biden’s immediate focus on immigration was defended as a way to fight for “racial equity” by White House Press Idiot Jen Psaki.

Dozens of progressive House lawmakers sent a letter to Corrupt Bozo Biden and Vice Clown Randy Carnal Kamala Harris demanding that future coronavirus relief measures include recurring payments that extend to Illegal Criminals.

Bozo Biden’s Flurry of Immigration Nonsense


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