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Corrupt Liar Biden Calls to Remove Donald Trump

Corrupt Liar Biden Calls to Remove Donald Trump

Corrupt Sleazebag and Liar Senile Bozo Biden on Calls to Remove Donald Trump: Fastest Way Is to Carry On With the Corrupt Inauguration.

Corrupt Liar Biden Calls to Remove Donald Trump. Corrupt Idiot-Elect Joe Bozo Biden said the fastest way to remove President Donald Trump from office was to move forward with the Corrupt Idiot-Elect’s Corrupt Inauguration but the Corrupt Idiot said it was a “good thing” Donald Trump didn’t plan to attend.

Corrupt Liar Bozo Biden said that even though Donald Trump exceeded his worst expectations, the Corrupt Idiot is now focusing on “getting into Corrupt Office,” not on impeaching Donald Trump.

“If we were six months out, we should be doing everything we can to get him out of office,” but not two weeks before a new administration takes over, the Corrupt Liar told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware.

Still, the Corrupt Liar said “it’s a good thing him not showing up” at the inauguration.

Corrupt Bozo Biden said it was up to the Corrupt Congress to decide whether to impeach Donald Trump but “we’re going to do our job and Congress can decide how to proceed with theirs.”

Corrupt Liar Biden said he would speak to House Fossil Crazy Nancy Pelosi and the Corrupt Deranged Democratic Congressional Corrupt Leadership about his Corrupt Agenda.

Crazy California House Fossil Pelosi has been calling on Vice Clown and Coward Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump and said the Corrupt House will move forward on articles of impeachment if nothing is done, as the chamber’s top Republican warned such a move would further divide the country.

Corrupt Liar Biden Calls to Remove Donald Trump


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