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Crazy Pelosi: Pull Trump out By His Hair

Crazy Pelosi: Pull Trump out By His Hair

Crazy Fossil Nancy Pelosi Ready to Pull Donald Trump out of the White House By His Hair.

Crazy Pelosi: Pull Trump out By His Hair. House Fossil Crazy Nancy Pelosi voiced her frustration with Donald Trump during meetings with her Corrupt Leadership Team.

“I’m counting down the hours ‘til he’s gone. I plan to pull him out of there by his hair, his little hands, and his feet,” Crazy California Fossil Pelosi said, according to a Politico story.

Crazy Fossil Pelosi made her remarks as Corrupt Democrats and Republicans negotiated a massive 5,593 $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief and government funding bill over the weekend.

President Donald Trump and Crazy Pelosi have not spoken for over a year after the Crazy Fossil accused Donald Trump of having a “meltdown” during an October 2019 meeting at the White House, pointedly tore up his State of the Union Speech and tried to impeach the president.

In return, Donald Trump frequently criticized Crazy Fossil Pelosi, calling her “crazy Nancy” and “nuts” and even “crazy as a bedbug.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin did most of the negotiating with Corrupt House Democrat Leaders as well as White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

“I am taking the high road,” Donald Trump explained, when asked by reporters in September why he stopped talking to Crazy Fossil Pelosi to negotiate a coronavirus relief bill. “I’m taking the high road by not seeing them. That’s the high road.”

Crazy Pelosi: Pull Trump out By His Hair


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