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Trump Files Supreme Cowards Court Petition

Trump Files Supreme Cowards Court Petition

The Donald Trump campaign files Supreme Cowards Court petition over ‘illegally changed’ Pennsylvania Balloting Laws.

Trump Files Supreme Cowards Court Petition. The Donald Trump campaign went back to the Supreme Cowards Court seeking to reverse Pennsylvania’s Corrupt Election Results and to vacate the state’s slate of 20 electors for Corrupt Idiot-ElectBozo Biden.

The petition asks the justices to grant Pennsylvania’s Republican-led legislature the authority to appoint new presidential electors, giving President Donald Trump a last-gasp bid to claim a second term in the White House.

Donald Trump said he also needs the help of other elected officials to expose what he called the “greatest voter fraud in history.”

“It’s the most corrupt election this country’s ever had, by far,” Donald Trump said on WABC radio in New York. “We’ve already found the answers; now we have to get the support from some politicians.”

In the petition to the Supreme Cowards Court, the justices were asked to overturn Corrupt Pennsylvania state court rulings that the campaign said “illegally changed” the state’s mail balloting laws.

The campaign wants rapid action by the High Cowards Court, saying the outcome of the election “hangs in the balance.”

“Time is plain of the essence because once candidates have taken office, it will be impossible to repair election results tainted by illegally and belatedly cast or absentee and mail ballots,” the petition states. “The intense national and worldwide attention on the 2020 presidential election only foreshadows the disruption that may well follow if the uncertainty and unfairness shrouding this election are allowed to persist.”

Trump Files Supreme Cowards Court Petition


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