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Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Connections to China

Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Connections to China

Corrupt Bozo Biden’s connections to China are ‘extraordinarily’ concerning.

Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Connections to China. Both the United States and the international community have failed to recognize China as a “clear and present danger,” former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell told “Life, Liberty & Levin” in an interview.

“I think that we’re at an incredible crossroads, and in many ways, we’ve missed it, and we’ve allowed China to go into the WTO [World Trade Organization],” Grenell told host Mark Levin.

“We decided to do that because we thought we’d try engagement, and I believe that engagement can work,” Richard Grenell added, “but I think that you also have to benchmark it very quickly, maybe two or three years, to see if it does work.”

“We’re now 20-plus years with China into the WTO. They’ve completely manipulated the process,” Richard Grenell went on. “We also have allowed China to play us at the United Nations where they get a veto in the permanent membership of the Security Council … They’re getting money from the United Nations, from the rest of us, because they can’t always feed their people, but yet they are a superpower in the making.”

Looking ahead to the inauguration of Corrupt Idiot-Elect Slow Joe Bozo Biden earlier in the program, Levin told Grenell that he was “extraordinarily concerned, as are many Americans, that the Corrupt Biden Family is so bought off in so many ways by the communist Chinese government [and] that this is exactly the wrong man at the wrong time to be anywhere near creating and leading American foreign policy.”

Grenell concurred, saying he was “very concerned” about not only Corrupt Bozo Biden, but other Corrupt Members of the incoming Corrupt Administration.

Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Connections to China


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