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The Corrupt Biden “Hold My Beer” Presidency

The Corrupt Biden “Hold My Beer” Presidency

Corrupt Liar Bozo Biden’s Corrupt “Hold My Beer” Transition Has Been a Flaming Disaster.

The Corrupt Biden “Hold My Beer” Presidency. Corrupt Liar Bozo Biden has not even been sworn in and already it is shaping up to be the Corrupt “Hold My Beer” Presidency.

For four years the innocent citizens of America have endured the wildest accusations and conspiracies about how President Donald Trump was corrupt, a puppet of a foreign power, beholden to an overseas dictator hellbent on destroying America whose family was raking in the millions from those very same enemies abroad.

Corrupt Liar Bozo Biden’s response: “Hold My Beer.”

As in, “Hold my beer. Watch this.” It’s the age-old anthem among rednecks across America who wish to outdo their comrades in some daring — often self-defeating — stunt.

For example, you might build a wooden ramp beside a raging bonfire over which you jump your brand new four-wheeler. “Hold My Beer. Watch this,” says your friend, who douses the wooden ramp in diesel fuel and lights it on fire before performing the same brilliant stunt.

“Hold My Beer. Watch this,” is said to be the five most perilous words in the American language.

But, hey, the beaches of Normandy did not get stormed by a bunch of sissies.

And I don’t mean to give Corrupt Liar Bozo Biden too much credit here. The Corrupt Liar wouldn’t know which end was up on a four-wheeler. The Corrupt Liar wouldn’t know diesel fuel from the apple juice his caretakers give him in a box with a straw.

His Floozy wife, “The Dumb Doctor” Jill Biden, would be utterly flummoxed by the math of a four-wheeler. The Floozy Corrupt Bitch would be looking for the fifth wheel while demanding everyone standing around the bonfire and burning ramp address her as “The Dumb Doctor.”

But when it comes to being a flaming disaster, Corrupt Liar Bozo Biden is an expert. The Corrupt Idiot has been getting everything disastrously wrong in Washington for five decades now.

All the accusations of corruption and international conspiracy lodged against Donald Trump turned out to be pure fantasy.

Beleaguered American taxpayers shelled out tens of millions of dollars investigating the president’s supposed ties to Russia only to discover they have just overheated fever dreams of Washington Swamp Dwellers suffering acute strains of Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Corrupt Idiot Slow Joe and his Corrupt Floozy Wife never got that memo.

Instead, Corrupt Idiot Biden said, “Hold my beer.” The Corrupt Idiot anointed himself “the big guy” and dispatched his troubled Swindling Son Hunter to China to collect millions and put the Whole Corrupt Family into political hock to the Chinese communists.

Claims of corruption against Donald Trump proved so unfounded, Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats dropped those Fake Charges in their Madcap Corrupt Impeachment Proceedings, instead of impeaching him over a perfectly legitimate phone call to the president of Ukraine — allegedly some kind of “quid pro quo” that was in some way somehow evil or corrupt.

To which Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden — again — replied: “Hold My Beer.”

The Corrupt Biden “Hold My Beer” Presidency


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