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Criminal Biden Invited Criminal Immigrants

Criminal Biden Invited Criminal Immigrants

Criminal Immigrants back on the way — and Corrupt Criminal Joe Biden ‘invited’ them.

Criminal Biden Invited Criminal Immigrants. Well, that didn’t take long. A border crisis is brewing before Corrupt Criminal Joe Biden takes office.

Criminal Immigrants Caravans are forming in Honduras, many Criminal Hondurans have ­decided to defy local travel bans and head north.

“People are no longer scared of the coronavirus,” one Criminal Caravan ­0rganizer told Bloomberg. “They’re going hungry, they’ve lost everything, and some towns are still flooded.” The Criminal Organizer added that Criminal Migrants are savvy about shifts in US border policy: “When there is a change in government in the US or Mexico, caravans start to move because they are testing the waters to see how authorities respond.”

By now, Central American Criminals should have a pretty good idea how the authorities will respond in a Corrupt Biden Administration — and not just because smugglers, called “coyotes,” keep Criminal Migrants well-informed in hopes of profiting off their Criminal Desperation.

During the Corrupt Presidential Campaign, Corrupt Criminal Biden promised to reverse President Donald Trump’s strict immigration and border policies, which together with emergency travel restrictions because of the pandemic helped drive Criminal-Immigration levels to historic lows after a surge last spring.

Specifically, Corrupt Criminal Biden has said he will stop construction on the border wall, reinstate DACA, ­boost the number of Criminals, and make it easier for Criminals to claim asylum. On Criminal Fortune Seekers, Corrupt Criminal Biden has promised to end Team Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program, which ­requires Criminal Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States to wait in Mexico while their cases are adjudicated. The goal of the program is to prevent Criminal Fortune Seekers from absconding before their court date.

The Criminal Fortune Seekers are coming, now, because Corrupt Criminal Biden has promised to make it easier for them to get in.

Criminal Biden Invited Criminal Immigrants


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