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Corrupt Biden Defending Swindling Hunter

Corrupt Biden Defending Swindling Hunter

Corrupt Joe Biden claims foul play while defending Swindling son Hunter but says he’s ‘not concerned’.

Corrupt Biden defending Swindling Hunter. Corrupt Idiot-Elect Slow Joe Bozo Biden defended his Swindling Son Hunter Biden amid an ongoing investigation into the younger Swindling Biden’s taxes.

During an interview, the Corrupt Idiot-Elect sat alongside Dumb Jill Biden and expressed “confidence” in his Swindling Son.

“I think it’s kind of foul play, but look, it is what it is and he’s a grown man, he is the smartest man I know – I mean from a pure intellectual capacity – and as long as he’s good, we’re good,” Corrupt Idiot-Elect Joe Biden said.

The Corrupt Idiot-Elect Biden Corrupt Transition Team clarified that the Corrupt Idiot-Elect was not referring to the investigation as “foul play,” but rather to Republicans who have used Swindling Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Business Dealings to go after him personally for months.

When Colbert asked how the Corrupt Idiot would handle attacks from Republicans, Corrupt Idiot Biden said he would be willing to work with critics because it’s what’s best for the country.

The Delaware U.S. Attorney is investigating Swindling Hunter Biden’s taxes – a probe that has been ongoing since 2018 but was only recently publicly disclosed.

Swindling Hunter Biden has a complex network of Corrupt International Business Dealings.

His involvement with Ukranian energy company Burisma in 2014 has come under intense scrutiny, and was a repeated target of President Trump during his campaign for the 2020 presidency.

The younger Swindling Biden was paid $50,000 per month to serve on the board of Burisma, sparking concerns about the perceptions of a conflict of interest given the fact that his Corrupt Father was involved in U.S. policy toward Ukraine.

Swindling Hunter Biden also has connections to Chinese and Russian nationals that have raised eyebrows.

The Corrupt Idiot-Elect Slow Joe Bozo Biden said he will be able to look past personal attacks on his Swindling Son while in office.

Corrupt Biden Defending Swindling Hunter


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