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Corrupt Biden Family $10M From China

Corrupt Biden Family $10M From China

Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden in 2017 sent ‘best wishes’ from entire Corrupt Biden Family to China firm chairman, requested $10M wire.

Corrupt Biden Family $10M From China. Correspondence between Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden and CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming from 2017 shows Corrupt Idiot-elect Slow Joe Biden‘s Corrupt Son extending “best wishes from the entire Biden family,” and urging the chairman to “quickly” send a $10 million wire to “properly fund and operate” the Corrupt Biden joint venture with the now-bankrupt Chinese energy company.

An email from Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden sent on June 18, 2017, to Zhao Runlong at CEFC, asking that they please “translate my letter to Chairman Ye, please extend my warmest best wishes and that I hope to see the Chairman soon.”

“I hope my letter finds you well. I regret missing you on your last visit to the United States,” Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden wrote in the attached letter, dated June 17, 2017. “Please accept the best wishes from the entire Biden family as well as my partners.”

The Swindling Sucker added: “We are all hoping to see you here again soon, or in Shanghai.”

Swindling Sucker Biden went on to update Ye, saying that they have “concluded the establishment of SinoHawk Holdings,” the Corrupt Biden joint venture with CEFC, and said he looked “forward” to introducing him to his business associate Tony Bobulinski, who he wrote would “act as the CEO.”

“He is a very close friend of James Gilliar and the Biden family and joined our team to focus on the execution of things as a partner,” Swindling Sucker Biden wrote. “He has invested capital all over the world for some of the world’s wealthiest families.”

Swindling Sucker Biden went on to note that Bobulinski had “sent a request to Dong Gongwen [Gongwen Dong] and Director Zang for the funding of the $10 MM USD wire.”

“I would appreciate if you will send that quickly so we can properly fund and operate Sinohawk,” Swindling Sucker Biden wrote.

“I am sure you have been well briefed by our dear friend Director Zang on the political and economic connections we have established in countries where you are interested in expanding during the coming months and years,” the Swindling Sucker continued. “I look forward to our next meeting.”

“I look forward to meeting you in the near future and discussing our joint undertaking. If there is anything I could do please do not hesitate to write to me,” Ye wrote. “Please accept my best regards to you and your family.”

According to a September report released by the Senate Homeland Security Committee and Senate Finance Committee on their investigation into Swindling Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Foreign Business Dealings, Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals that Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden had Corrupt Business Associations with were linked to the Chinese Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army.

Corrupt Idiot-elect Slow Joe Bozo Biden repeatedly has denied being involved with his Swindling Son’s Corrupt Business Dealings.

Corrupt Biden Family $10M From China


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