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Corrupt Idiot-Elect Joe Biden is a LIAR

Corrupt Idiot-Elect Joe Biden is a LIAR

Corrupt Idiot-Elect Joe Biden is a LIAR, the Corrupt Liar had to know about Swindling Sucker Hunter’s Corrupt Business in China.

Corrupt Idiot-Elect Joe Biden is a LIAR. Senator Ron Johnson said that Corrupt Idiot-Elect Joe Biden had not been honest with the American public about his level of knowledge of his Swindling Son Sucker Hunter’s Corrupt Business dealing in China.

Bartiromo said, “Let me show a list of some of the Corrupt Deals that we’ve talked about in the past and these Corrupt Deals include Corrupt deals with China and of course, we’ve been talking all about how the Chinese Communist Party tries to bribe and blackmail people in the U.S. so that they can approve laws that are positive to China. Are you expecting a potential incoming administration that changes policy against China because of all of these Corrupt Deals that we hear about? We just saw the billion dollars that Swindling Sucker Hunter had taken from the Bank of China to try to come up with a hedge fund to invest in a Chinese company, senator?

Johnson said, “It’s a huge concern. Let’s face it. Corrupt Idiot-Elect Biden has not been honest with the American public. The Corrupt Idiot had to know about Swindling Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Business financial foreign entanglements and particularly China. The Corrupt Idiot shook hands with Jonathan Lee, one of his Corrupt Business Partners. Now we found out that Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden wrote an e-mail to his landlord asking for keys for Corrupt Idiot Joe Biden, Corrupt Moron James Biden, Gongwen Dong, the signage was supposed to reflect Hudson West, which was the CEFC, USA subsidiary. Now CEFC — that is a Chinese company that was taken over by the state in 2018. Its chairman just disappeared, Ye Jianmin, this is an individual that had ties to the Communist Party of China as well as the People’s Liberation Army. These are the people. This is the business that the Corrupt Criminal Biden’s were fully in bed with. Again, setting up an office to have the emissary Gongwen Dong get a key to that same office.”

Johnson added, “So we are fighting it more and more of how involved not only Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden was, but also Corrupt Moron James as well as Corrupt Idiot Joe Biden and the Corrupt Idiot has not been truthful with the American public, and it’s about time that the press starts asking questions. As I said before in this election, this is not going away. This is a big mess. It’s going to be a bigger mess if it becomes a Corrupt Biden Presidency, and that looks like the way we’re headed.”

Corrupt Idiot-Elect Joe Biden is a LIAR


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