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Cowardly Supreme Court Slit Its Own Throat

Cowardly Supreme Court Slit Its Own Throat

The Supreme Court’s Cowardly Decision may have slit its own throat.

Cowardly Supreme Court Slit Its Own Throat. All three of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointees Coward Justices Neil Gorsuch, Coward Brett Kavanaugh, and Coward Amy Coney Barrett — joined Coward Chief Justice John Roberts and the three Corrupt Liberal Justices in declining to hear Texas v. Corrupt Pennsylvania.

In a short order issued Friday, the Coward Court declared that Texas lacked standing to bring its case against Corrupt Pennsylvania and three other Corrupt States whose election rules were changed outside their respective state legislatures, as the Constitution requires.

Throughout Coward Barrett’s confirmation process this past fall, Corrupt Deranged Democrats suggested that Donald Trump had appointed her in exchange for favorable judgments during the Corrupt Election. Coward Barrett denied that Donald Trump had ever raised the Corrupt Election with her at all.

The three new Donald Trump Cowardly Appointees voted with their Corrupt Liberal Colleagues, whose votes were never in doubt. Coward Roberts has lately moved toward the Corrupt Liberal Camp and voted accordingly. Ironically, only Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, both appointed by Donald Trump’s Republican predecessors (George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, respectively), voted to hear the case. Four justices out of the nine would have had to agree to hear the case for it to have proceeded at the Supreme Court.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin, commenting on the Court’s Cowardly Decision, remarked that it may have “slit its own throat,” because the same rules being challenged in Corrupt Georgia would apply to the Senate runoffs in January, and Corrupt Democrats have discussed packing the Court with new Corrupt Liberal Justices if they win both Senate seats and take control of the upper chamber.

Cowardly Supreme Court Slit Its Own Throat


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