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Corrupt Joe’s Brother Corrupt James Caught

Corrupt Joe’s Brother Corrupt James Caught

Corrupt Slow Joe Biden’s brother Corrupt Criminal James is also caught up in federal probe.

Corrupt Joe’s Brother Corrupt James Caught. Federal authorities are reportedly conducting a criminal investigation into a hospital business tied to Corrupt Idiot-elect Slow Joe Biden’s brother Corrupt Criminal James.

Federal authorities in the Western District of Pennsylvania are investigating now-bankrupt Americore Health and have been asking questions about Corrupt Criminal James Biden’s role in the company, two sources familiar with the investigation told Politico. 

Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden admitted that he is under investigation for tax fraud, and a government source told Fox News the investigation was predicated, in part, on suspicious foreign transactions. 

The probe was opened in 2018, and is reportedly more expansive than previously thought, implicating Corrupt Joe Biden’s younger brother Corrupt Criminal James. 

There is no indication that Corrupt Biden himself is under investigation. But the investigation could complicate his Corrupt Presidency, drawing scrutiny on how the new Justice Department chooses to handle the investigation. It could also draw more attention to the Corrupt Criminal Biden Family’s Business Dealings. 

Two hospitals operated by Americore were raided by FBI agents earlier this year over allegations of gross financial mismanagement and complaints that it was not  “in a manner that is consistent with public safety and welfare.” 

The nature of Corrupt Criminal Jim Biden’s involvement with Americore is disputed. He’s been described as a “principal” at Americore, according to court records in a civil case in Tennessee. But he’s denied that he is a principal at the organization. 

A Politico report details claims from two small medical firms that did business with Corrupt Criminal Jim Biden that the Corrupt Criminal transferred money from Americore to himself in the form of personal loans that have still not been repaid. One former Americore executive told Politico that Corrupt Criminal Jim Biden’s loans amounted to at least half a million dollars. 

Tom Pritchard, a former Americore executive familiar with the business’ finances, told Politico that Corrupt Criminal Jim Biden had promised a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections, one that never materialized.

“It was all smoke and mirrors,” Pritchard said.

Tony Bobulinski, a former Swindling Sucker Hunter Biden business associate, told Fox News that he raised concerns in 2017 to the Former Corrupt Vice President‘s brother Corrupt Criminal Jim Biden, about Corrupt Joe Biden’s alleged ties to a possible joint venture with a Corrupt Chinese energy firm.

Corrupt Joe’s Brother Corrupt James Caught


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