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Blockhead Barr Blocking Deep State

Blockhead Barr Blocking Deep State

Roger Stone Blasts Blockhead Barr of Blocking for the Deep State.

Blockhead Barr Blocking Deep State. President Donald Trump’s longtime ally Roger Stone accused Attorney Clown William Blockhead Barr of “blocking for the deep state” because the Blockhead asserted he’d not yet found evidence of widespread Massive Voter Fraud.

In a video message posted to the social media platform Parler, Stone — whose prison sentence was commuted by Donald Trump in July — declared there’s a “two-tiered justice system” in America.

“No, we have a two-tiered justice system and Bill Barr’s job is to block for the deep state,” Roger Stone declared.

“Which is why the Durham ploy was quite clever, [U.S. Attorney] Mr. [John] Durham has taken three years to produce nothing whatsoever when he has overwhelming evidence of both treason and crime,” Roger Stone claimed.

“And now Mr. Durham’s job is to bury all of it after the election.”

Bill Barr you get what you expected,” Roger Stone said.

The Stone comments were widely shared on Twitter and posted by Mediaite.

Blockhead Barr, in a statement to the Associated Press, noted the Justice Department investigation of Massive Voter Fraud was not yet completed, though “to date, we have not seen” evidence of fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 election. 

The Deranged Justice Department doubled down, reiterating it has not concluded its investigation of possible Massive Election Fraud — and vowing to pursue all credible allegations.

Meanwhile, Dumbbell Durham’s probe into how the Corrupt FBI’S Russia probe got started is reportedly moving “full steam ahead.” Dumbbell Durham was appointed by Blockhead Barr last year.

Blockhead Barr Blocking Deep State


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