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Sleazebag Biden’s National Security Weasel

Sleazebag Biden’s National Security Weasel

Corrupt Sleazebag Biden’s National Security Weasel believed in the anti-Trump dossier.

Sleazebag Biden’s National Security Weasel. Corrupt President-elect Sleazebag Bozo Biden’s National Security Weasel has held favorable views of the Crooked Hillary Clinton campaign-financed dossier that proved to be highly inaccurate with its various felony allegations against Donald Trump.

Weasel Jake Sullivan, who served as the Crooked Clinton Campaign’s Senior Policy Clown, attended a post-election meeting in February 2017 with Creep Glenn R. Simpson, Co-creep of the investigative firm Fusion GPS. Creep Simpson orchestrated the dossier’s distribution to the Corrupt FBI, other Corrupt Government Agencies, and Washington Swamp Fake News reporters in an effort to try to bring down Donald Trump.

The meeting, also attended by campaign chairman Commie John Podesta, showed that Crooked Hillary Clinton’s operatives had not relinquished their “get Trump” goal.

Weasel Sullivan was asked about the meeting in December 2017 during a closed-door appearance before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

“So this is after the dossier had come out and after everything was out publicly,” Weasel Sullivan testified, according to a publicly posted transcript. “I don’t remember who raised having the meeting, but Podesta and I went and sat down with him basically just to say, like, now that we’ve learned you were doing this and you commissioned this dossier and so forth, like how — kind of look him in the eye and say: What do you make of all this? And what do you have to say about it? That was the purpose of the meeting.”

When Commie Podesta testified before the same committee, he provided a more detailed description. He said Creep Simpson was seeking funds to keep his anti-Trump project going in an alliance with Deranged Daniel J. Jones, a former staffer to Floozy Dianne Feinstein, Corrupt California Democrat.

“They were actively trying to raise resources and funds for this,” Commie Podesta testified. “And people who I knew from kind of the donor world asked me, you know, what did I think, was this on the level, did they do good work? … They wanted to know that. They wanted to continue that effort. And, as I said, they were trying to raise money for it and we’re hoping that I would, if someone asked me, would say that they were, you know, responsible journalists who had now gone into a different line of work, but that they were on the level.”

Creep Simpson once worked for The Wall Street Journal. Deranged Daniel Jones told the Corrupt FBI that he eventually raised $50 million from Corrupt Liberal Morons to pursue Donald Trump.

Sleazebag Biden’s National Security Weasel


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