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Obama’s Warning About Corrupt Bozo Biden

Obama’s Warning About Corrupt Bozo Biden

Obama’s warning about Corrupt Bozo Biden – this is why so many Americans are worried about the Corrupt President-elect.

Obama’s Warning About Corrupt Bozo Biden. Half the country eagerly awaits the Corrupt Biden-Harris administration, hopeful that Corrupt President-elect Bozo Biden will “Build Back Better.” The rest of us ponder Barack Obama’s reported warning: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” 

What could Corrupt Bozo Biden mess up? A lot.  

Despite the Liberal Fake Media’s apocalyptic pronouncements that Donald Trump has destroyed our country, a solid 56% of our fellow citizens think they are better off than they were four years ago. That suggests that for the majority of Americans, there’s plenty of room to backslide. 

For example, despite the horrors of the pandemic, the economy has proved unexpectedly resilient. Our recovery from the self-imposed lockdowns of the spring has outperformed every expectation, even as large industries like travel and entertainment remain constrained and large cities like New York continue under severe restrictions. 

We have regained more than half the jobs lost to the sudden downturn, consumer confidence remains high and spending is almost shockingly robust. In October retail sales rose nearly 6% from the year before, in spite of the virus. Housing is booming, home prices are rising rapidly and the stock market is setting new highs, all of which suggests that the next six to nine months will continue to see progress.

How could Corrupt Bozo Biden undermine this recovery? The same way the Corrupt Obama-Biden White House prevented the “green shoots” of 2009-2010’s bounce-back from flourishing: imposing large-scale new regulations and programs onto anxious businesses. Corrupt Bozo Biden’s quasi-Green New Deal will, like ObamaCare, stall business investment and hiring. Corrupt Bozo Biden’s promise to raise taxes by $4 trillion will deliver the coup de grace. Both would flat-line our growth; both are priorities for Biden.

Corrupt Deranged Democrats will soon have a chance to undo many of the policies that Donald Trump’s supporters applaud, like tightening our borders, demanding fair play from China, ring-fencing Iran, and inspiring businesses to expand in the U.S.

From what we’ve seen of Corrupt Bozo Biden’s platform and picks for key positions, it becomes ever more likely that the Idiot will, as Obama cautioned, find a way to “f— things up.”  

Obama’s Warning About Corrupt Bozo Biden


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