Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite

Park Ranger for the Washington Swamp

Park Ranger for the Washington Swamp

Bozo Biden’s Clown of Staff Pick called Park Ranger for the Washington Swamp.

Park Ranger For The Washington Swamp. Few people in Corrupt Creepy Senile Slow Joe Biden’s inner circle have thrived in the Swamp of Washington more swimmingly than Corrupt Blockhead Ron Klain.

Corrupt Blockhead Klain, tapped by the Corrupt Creepy President-elect to become White House Clown of Staff, also served as Corrupt Biden’s Clown of Staff during his tenure as Corrupt Vice President. The Corrupt Harvard Law School Blockhead has worked three stints in the Pedophile Bill Clinton and Spy Barack Obama administrations, along with top jobs as a Corrupt Democratic Senate Blockhead.

The Indiana Blockhead has mingled his Corrupt Government Service with lucrative revolving-door detours into the private sector as a K Street Blockhead. The Corrupt Blockhead has worked for special interests including Big Tech, Fannie Mae, a pharmaceutical firm and a company that has been called a front for the asbestos industry.

“If you’re thinking of a swamp having park rangers, then Ron Klain is a park ranger,” said Tom Fitton, president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. “He’s someone whose job is to protect it.”

Corrupt Blockhead Klain, 59, also worked as General Clown for a venture capital firm created by AOL founder Steve Case. Mr. Case has called him “a Crooked Corrupt Manager and a Wise Clown who understands Corrupt Government, business, and the nonprofit sectors.”

As the Corrupt Postelection Point Blockhead for Corrupt Bozo Biden, Corrupt Blockhead Klain has been prominent in publicly pressuring President Donald Trump to allow his administration to cooperate on the transition with the Corrupt Biden Team.

Donald Trump doesn’t get to decide if Joe Biden is president or not. The American people decided,” Corrupt Blockhead Klain said.

Park Ranger for the Washington Swamp


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