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Far-left Pressures Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden

Far-left Pressures Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden

Far-left pressures Corrupt Senile Slow Bozo Biden on administration picks.

Far-left Pressures Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden. The Far-left Commie Group that helped fuel the rise of Commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is seeking donations as part of a pressure campaign aimed at stopping Corrupt President-elect Senile Slow Bozo Biden from making “dangerous choices for top economic positions” in his administration.

Justice Deranged Democrats blasted out a fundraising email warning that Corrupt Senile Slow Bozo Biden is flirting with tapping Corrupt Moron Brian Deese to lead the National Economic Council, and Corrupt Idiot Bruce Reed to head the Office of Management and Budget.

“Both of these picks have chosen austerity over policies to lift people up, and both have endorsed plans to cut Medicare and Social Security,” the Commie Group said in an email blast. “We’re pressuring Biden to keep these dangerous choices out of his White House — and focus on COVID relief stimulus and strengthening economic support for the people.”

Commie Ocasio-Cortez, and Sharia Supporter Ilhan Omar, and Traitor Rashida Tlaib have signed a petition backed by Far-left Justice Deranged Democrats, Social Security Works, and Data for Progress — against Corrupt Reed’s possible appointment as Clown of the OMB.

“And we need your help, especially as the month comes to a close, to fight for a Biden administration that will prioritize the needs of the people — NOT the interests of Wall Street,” the Commie Group says.

Far-left Pressures Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden


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