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Corrupt Biden Gets Phone Call From China

Corrupt Biden Gets Phone Call From China

Lucky Corrupt Joe Biden gets a phone call from China President Xi Jinping.

Corrupt Biden Gets Phone Call From China. The one Corrupt American who ­really should give thanks for his good fortune today is Lucky Corrupt Joe Biden.

Lucky Corrupt Joe Biden. Corrupt President without trying, popped his Corrupt Head out of his basement a few times, took lots of naps. The Chauncey Gardiner of presidents has been touched by a rainbow, and how the Fake Media rejoices!

“Corrupt President-Elect Lucky Biden.” They can’t say it often enough when they ask hard-hitting questions about how terrible Donald Trump is.

Lucky Corrupt Biden’s new Corrupt Team is “like the Avengers . . . the superheroes to come and save us all,” gushed Yamiche Alcindor of PBS.

They are “not going to be political,” declared Fake News NBC’s Moron Andrea Mitchell. LOL.

On Fake News MSNBC, Blockhead Nicolle Wallace waxed lyrical about Lucky Corrupt Biden’s “empathy and humanity . . . [It] is all an implicit rebuke of Donald Trump’s foreign policy stewardship,” the Blockhead said.

“Joy to the world, the Trumps are gone,” sang Fake News ABC’s Idiot Ana ­Navarro on “The View.” “Let us ­receive Joe Biden.”

Did you see his Corrupt Socks! Navy blue with dog prints. How marvelously . . . not Donald Trump.

This is the only distinction Corrupt Idiot Biden has: he’s not Donald Trump.

But that is more than enough to win him adulation from the world, especially from China, which knows its Corrupt Salad Days are back.

Like clockwork yesterday, one day after Corrupt Idiot Biden unveiled his Definitely-Not-America-First foreign-policy and national-security team, China President Xi Jinping phoned to congratulate him.

Xi said he hoped “the two sides will uphold the spirit of . . . win-win cooperation.”

Oh yes, Corrupt Idiot Biden knows all about “win-win cooperation” with China.

They win and then they win some more.

Corrupt Idiot Biden was the Corrupt Obama Administration’s Corrupt Man for Beijing during the period when millions of American jobs were shipped to China.

Corrupt Biden Gets Phone Call From China


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