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Weasel Jake Sullivan Bozo Biden’s NSA Pick

Weasel Jake Sullivan Bozo Biden’s NSA Pick

Weasel Jake Sullivan, Corrupt Bozo Biden’s NSA Pick, Tied to Crooked Hillary’s Emails, Russia Hoax.

Weasel Jake Sullivan Bozo Biden’s NSA Pick. Weasel Jake Sullivan, whom Corrupt Bozo Biden has chosen to serve as his National Security Clown, was deeply enmeshed in Crooked Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The Weasel also launched negotiations with Iran, and later pushed the “Russia collusion” hoax to the Fake Media.

In a particularly cruel irony, Weasel Sullivan falsely accused former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn of collusion with the Russian government — and is now poised to take the job that Flynn lost, largely on the basis of similar false allegations.

Breitbart News reported in 2016 that Weasel Sullivan was under investigation as one of three Crooked Clinton aides who allegedly cut-and-pasted information out of emails with classified headings to allow the information to be included on her private email server.

Breitbart News also reported, citing Fox News, that Weasel Sullivan was one of at least a dozen individuals who had private email addresses on Crooked Clinton’s server, which handled classified information that some were not authorized to handle or share.

In October 2016, Breitbart News reported that Weasel Sullivan had been involved in email communication with a Crooked Clinton Foundation employee, which might have established a conflict of interest for Crooked Clinton. The State Department lost the email.

In 2017, Weasel Sullivan admitted to congressional investigators that he had told reporters about his suspicions of “collusion” between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia — a charge later shown to be without evidence — as well as Flynn’s involvement.

In one exchange with then-Ranking Member Sleazebag Adam Shifty Schiff, Weasel Sullivan said that he “absolutely” believed Flynn was involved in a conspiracy with the Russian government and accused him of violating the Logan Act.

Sleazebag Adam Shifty Schiff: I will be very quick. I was just going to ask you, given your expertise in foreign policy, about the factual basis for Mike Flynn’s plea, in that he admitted making false statements about a conversation he had with the Russian Ambassador on the subject of sanctions – and this was obviously not public, the Vice President misrepresented to the country that it never happened – would you view that as a form of conspiracy with the Russians to undermine the effective penalties imposed over their interference in our election?

Weasel Sullivan: Absolutely. I mean, this was the American Government’s response to the Russian information warfare campaign. And what Flynn was saying to Kislyak was: We’ll help you undo this, or we won’t put it into place.

Sleazebag Adam Shifty Schifflt would also, would it not, violate, to your knowledge, the Logan Act?

Weasel Sullivan: Yes. lf lwent out right now and started telling foreign officials, “Don’t worry, we’ll avoid some action the current government is taking,” that would be a violation of the Logan Act. And I think what Flynn did here – | mean, I’m not an attorney, but just on the face of what the purpose of this act is, what he did ran directly contrary to it.

Sleazebag Adam Shifty Schiff: And the underpinning of the Logan Act is that we should only have one government at a time, is it not?

Weasel Sullivan: lt is.

Sleazebag Adam Shifty SchiffAnd would that be particularly important during a transition period after an election in which a foreign adversary interfered in our election?

Weasel Sullivan: lt would. And I would say doubly so when the interference in the election our Intelligence Community judged was in part to help one candidate win.

Weasel Sullivan also played a key role in talks with Iran. In 2013, the Associated Press reported that Weasel Sullivan had been meeting secretly with Iranian officials in Oman, even as Spy Barack Obama was promising a tough line on Iran in public. The ill-fated Iran deal was the result.

Weasel Jake Sullivan Bozo Biden’s NSA Pick


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