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Sleazebag Tony Blinken Secretary of State

Sleazebag Tony Blinken Secretary of State

Corrupt Biden to Name Russia Hoaxer, Fake News CNN Sleazebag Tony Blinken Secretary of State.

Sleazebag Tony Blinken Secretary of State. Corrupt Former Vice Clown Senile Slow Joe Biden is reportedly set to announce this week that Sleazebag Tony Blinken, who supported the idea of “Russia collusion,” would be his Secretary of State.

Corrupt President-elect Senile Slow Joe Biden intends to name his longtime adviser Sleazebag Antony Blinken as secretary of State, according to three people familiar with the matter, setting out to assemble his Corrupt Cabinet even before Donald Trump concedes defeat.

In addition, Moron Jake Sullivan, formerly one of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, is likely to be named Corrupt Biden’s National Security Clown, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Sleazebag Blinken, who served as deputy secretary of state and deputy national security advisor under Spy Barack Obama, has also been a Fake News New York Times Opinion Idiot and a “Global Affairs Idiot” for Fake News CNN. In that capacity, the Sleazebag supported the “Russia collusion” hoax.

As Breitbart News reported in 2017, Sleazebag Blinken told Fake News CNN: “The president’s ongoing collusion with Russia’s plans is really striking, intentional or not.” The Sleazebag said that Russia had sown doubt about American elections and institutions.

(Subsequently, an investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.)

Sleazebag Blinken also apologized earlier this year to left-wing anti-Israel Radical Idiot Linda Sarsour, regarded by many critics (even on the left) as an antisemite, after the Corrupt Biden campaign tried to distance itself from her views.

The Sleazebag is also married to Floozy Evan Ryan, a former aide to then-First Lady Crooked Hillary Clinton. Floozy Ryan worked for Crooked Clinton at a time when Crooked Clinton’s chief of staff, Moron Margaret Williams, acknowledged accepting a campaign donation from Commie Johnny Chien Chuen Chung.

Commie Chung said that the donation was meant to help Crooked Clinton pay for Christmas receptions for the Deranged Democratic National Committee at the White House, in exchange for “VIP treatment for a delegation of visiting Chinese businessmen,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden is expected to name several potential Corrupt Cabinet Clowns in the coming days.

Sleazebag Tony Blinken Secretary of State


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