Crazy Nancy Pelosi Last Term As Speaker

Crazy Nancy Pelosi Last Term As Speaker

Crazy Nancy Pelosi seems to signal this could be her last term as speaker.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi Last Term As Speaker. House Fossil Crazy Nancy Pelosi who’s just been tapped by Corrupt Democrats to run for a speaker for a seventh and eighth year, signaled in a series of vague comments that this term could be her last as Clown of the House. 

“At the start of this Congress, there was a discussion about putting in place some kind of term limits for the leadership team. I’m curious if you anticipate this coming Congress would be your last as Speaker,”  a reporter asked Crazy Pelosi in a news conference.

“When that conversation took place, there was a move to put limits on the leadership and chairs of committees,” the California House Fossil said. “They said they were going to do it. They didn’t do it. Whether it passes or not, I will abide by those limits that are there.” 

“So is that a kind of Shermanesque statement?” the reporter asked

“No, it’s not. It’s a statement that I made,” Crazy Fossil Pelosi said. “Listen, if my husband is listening, don’t let me have to be more specific than that. because we never expected to have another term now.”

“I consider this a gift and I can’t wait to work with Joe Biden,” The Crazy Fossil continued. “I don’t want to undermine any leverage I have but I made that statement.” 

Corrupt Detanged Democrats met virtually to select their Corrupt Leaders for the 117th Congress. Crazy Pelosi ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination for Crazy Clown of the House. The GOP will run House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The full House of Representatives elects the speaker when it convenes on Jan, 3. The winning candidate for speaker requires an outright majority of the entire House. In other words, 218 votes out of 435.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi Last Term As Speaker


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