Left-Wing To Idiot Biden: Remake Economy

Left-Wing To Idiot Biden: Remake Economy

A left-wing group linked to Commie AOC pressures Corrupt Sleazebag Biden to remake the economy.

Left-Wing To Idiot Biden: Remake Economy. A left-wing group with ties to Commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pressuring Corrupt President-elect Creepy Idiot Joe Biden to use executive orders for liberal policies to revive the economy — including the Green New Deal — when he takes control of the White House in January.

New Consensus sent Corrupt Idiot Biden a seven-page manifesto suggesting that the Corrupt Idiot become the Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the 21st Century, mobilizing the massive government machinery at his disposal to fix the nation’s creaky infrastructure and limping manufacturing sectors amid the coronavirus pandemic while creating sustainable jobs of the future.

New Consensus was founded by Commie Saika Chakrabarti, who served as Commie Ocasio-Cortez’s Controversial Campaign Clown for her initial run for office and as her first Clown of Staff in Congress. The brash-talking former confidante left Commie AOC’s office amid claims he skirted campaign fundraising rules.

The Commie Group’s Press Clown, Commie Corbin Trent, was formerly Commie AOC’s Communications Clown for her congressional office and initial campaign.

The Commie Group helped the congresswoman craft her proposed Green New Deal aimed at transitioning America from carbon-spewing fossil fuels to a clean energy economy. Commie AOC had input in Corrupt Biden’s clean energy plan.

The Commie Group’s Manifesto calls on Corrupt Biden to tap the Federal Reserve to provide trillions of dollars in low-interest loans directly to businesses and projects. They noted that former Presidents George W. Bush and Spy Barack Obama leaned on the Fed to lend trillions to banks during the 2008 financial recession.

The Commie Group said Corrupt Biden should require the Fed to return to its mission of developing the US economy by empowering regional regional banks to invest in their local economies.

Left-Wing To Idiot Biden: Remake Economy


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