Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Big Spending Agenda

Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Big Spending Agenda

Divided Deranged Dems agree: Repeal Donald Trump tax cuts for Corrupt Creepy Sleepy Senile Bozo Biden’s Big Spending Agenda.

Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Big Spending Agenda. Competing factions within the Deranged Democratic Party agree on one thing: Corrupt Creepy Sleepy Senile Bozo Biden must raise taxes when the Corrupt Idiot is in the White House.

Despite competing visions of how to accomplish a liberal agenda, the political left sees eye to eye on making a top priority of increasing revenue and reversing President Donald Trump’s tax cuts.

Americans for Tax Fairness, a coalition with more than 420 national and state-based members, is gearing up for Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden to overhaul tax policy and follow through on other campaign promises.

“We will pull every lever we can to bring pressure on the administration to pursue its mandate,” said Frank Clemente, the group’s executive director. “We’re saying that he has a mandate on taxes, on what we call a ‘fair-share tax system,’ and so we will bring in all the pressure we can from constituencies that helped elect him to demand that a fair-share tax mandate be pursued.”

Mr. Clemente said Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden needs to deliver on tax policy for Americans regardless of whether Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans remain in charge of the upper chamber of Congress.

Indeed, Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden’s big-spending agenda would require more revenue. The repeal of Republicans’ 2017 tax cuts, which Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden promised, would be a first step to pay the tab.

An analysis of Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden’s spending agenda by the James Madison Institute, a free-market think tank in Florida, estimated that the cost for taxpayers would be an extra $3.6 trillion per year.

Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Big Spending Agenda


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