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Corrupt Biden on Thanksgiving Gatherings

Corrupt Biden on Thanksgiving Gatherings

Corrupt Sleazebag Slow Joe Biden on Thanksgiving Gatherings: 5 People, 10 Maximum ‘Socially Distanced, Wearing Masks’.

Corrupt Biden on Thanksgiving Gatherings. Former Vice Clown Corrupt Sleazebag Biden suggested that Americans limit their gatherings on Thanksgiving and adhere to coronavirus protocols in their private residences, citing experts who, according to the Corrupt Former Vice Clown, recommend gatherings of “five people, maximum ten people” who are “socially distanced, wearing masks.”

Corrupt Sleazebag Biden, whom the Fake Media have declared Corrupt President-Elect, detailed his view on holiday gatherings during a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, urging Americans to adhere to the advice of “health experts.”

“What is your message to people who are considering, for example, getting together with their families and others for Thanksgiving? Would you urge people to reconsider their plans?” a reporter asked.

“Here’s what I would do. Let me tell you what health experts have said to me,” Corrupt Sleazebag Biden began.

“They strongly urge that, if, in fact, we’re going to have Thanksgiving with anyone, that we limit it to maximum, maximum, they suggest five people, maximum 10 people, socially distanced, wearing masks, and people who have quarantined,” the Corrupt Sleazebag explained.

Corrupt Sleazebag Biden said he has been discussing how his own Corrupt Family will handle Thanksgiving this year and told reporters that they have successfully “narrowed down which family members” will attend, adding, “and that they were tested, recently tested within 24 hours.”

The Corrupt Sleazebag then urged the American people to “think about this” before gathering for Thanksgiving.

“I would strongly urge for the sake — not just your sake, for the sake of your children, your mother, your father, your sisters, your brothers, whoever you get together at Thanksgiving —  think about this,” the Corrupt Sleazebag said, stressing that Americans should limit their holiday gatherings to ten people.

“There should be no group more than ten people in one room at one time. I mean, inside the home. That’s what they’re telling me. They’re telling me, making sure that that’s the case,” the Corrupt Sleazebag said before emphasizing his belief in the importance of masks.

“Save lives. Look, I just want to make sure that we’re able to be together next Thanksgiving. Next Christmas. I mean it is an international crisis. It’s an international health crisis,” the Corrupt Sleazebag said, adding that the world is “at war” with the Chinese coronavirus.

“There’s nothing macho about not wearing a mask,” the Corrupt Former Vice Clown added.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a list of suggestions ahead of the holiday, recommending Americans to limit Thanksgiving gatherings or hold them virtually or outdoors. The CDC also recommended guests to bring their own food and wear a mask.

Some Deranged Delusional Democrat leaders have embraced the recommendations. Last week, New York Moron Andrew Cuomo announced his intention to limit gatherings in private residences to ten people, while Chicago Idiot Lori Lightfoot urged Chicagoans to cancel their traditional Thanksgiving plans altogether.

Corrupt Biden on Thanksgiving Gatherings


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