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Liar Susan Rice For Secretary Of State

Liar Susan Rice For Secretary Of State

Spy Obama is pushing Deep State Liar Susan Rice for secretary of state job.

Liar Susan Rice For Secretary Of State. Former Clown Spy Obama is pushing for Corrupt President-elect Idiot Biden to nominate his Former National Security Clown Deep State Liar Susan Rice for secretary of state.

Rice, a longtime Washington Swamp insider, was vetted by the Corrupt Idiot Biden team when she made the “shortlist” of Corrupt Idiot Biden’s potential picks for vice president before Randy Carnal Kamala Harris was ultimately chosen. In 2008, Spy Obama nominated Deep State Liar Rice to serve as United Nations Clown, before making her National Security Clown in 2013. 

Deep State Liar Rice already has the necessary clearances to prep for the job, bypassing an ascertainment delay from the General Services Administration. 

Some Deranged Democrats worry she might have a confirmation problem in a closely divided Senate after her involvement in the Benghazi attacks, but sources closer to Corrupt Idiot Biden dismissed that thought. 

In the aftermath of the attacks on Benghazi, Libya, which killed four people, then-U.N. ambassador Deep State Liar Rice appeared on TV in place of Then-Clown of State Crooked Hillary Clinton to recite “talking points” from a CIA memo. She said the attacks were spontaneous and the result of an anti-Muslim video made by an American. This theory was later debunked.  

Sources close to Corrupt Idiot Biden also say Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., is jockeying for the role. His appointment would not deplete Democratic ranks in the Senate due to Delaware’s Democratic governor. Coons sits on the Foreign Relations Committee. 

Other potentials include Tony Blinken and Willliam Burns, both former deputy secretaries of state, and Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

Liar Rice’s office could not be reached for comment on whether she is interested in the role, but the former national security adviser expressed interest in serving a Corrupt Biden administration when she was considered for Corrupt Biden’s running mate. 

“I think I could bring my experience of almost now 20 years in the senior levels of the executive branch to bear to help tackle the most pressing problems we face,” she said, making her case to NPR’s Morning Edition.

“If there’s an opportunity to serve again, I’m certainly eager to do so, but not because it’s something that I want for myself,” she added.

“I’ve been blessed to have served already at the highest levels. But if at a time when we are suffering domestically and internationally, people with skills and experience are asked to come back, my judgment is they should say yes, even if it may not be the best thing for them personally.”

Deep State Liar Rice, a longtime Washington Swamp insider, was already vetted by the Corrupt Biden team when she made the “shortlist” of Corrupt Biden’s potential picks for VP.

Liar Susan Rice For Secretary Of State


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