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Love Affair With Corrupt Idiot Joe Biden

Love Affair With Corrupt Idiot Joe Biden

Liberal Fake Media hides its darling love affair with Corrupt Idiot Joe Biden.

Love Affair With Corrupt Idiot Joe Biden. Fake News Journalist Jon Meacham was a big fan of Corrupt Slow Joe Biden’s acceptance speech. This should probably be no surprise — the Moron helped write it.

The problem was that Moron Meacham praised the speech as a pundit on MSNBC without telling anyone that he was involved in its composition. They’ve since fired the Moron as a paid contributor, but say the Moron is welcome to appear on air as an unpaid guest.

There’s no shortage of hubris in Moron Meacham’s deception, but it isn’t surprising. For many on the Corrupt Left, there are just no rules so long as one is opposing Donald Trump.

There is a serious and deep danger to demonizing political foes in the way that so many have demonized Donald Trump. It gives Fake News Journalists license not just to attack in unfair ways, but in Moron Meacham’s case to lie about an obvious conflict of interest.

Just after the Moron Meacham story broke, three MSNBC commentators announced they were jumping ship to take positions in Corrupt Idiot Biden’s transition team.

Considering how many “analysts” Fake News MSNBC employed to help get Corrupt Idiot Biden over the line, the channel was essentially a propaganda outlet for his campaign.

Yet the Twitterati, too busy attacking Fox News, made hardly a peep.

But the coziness is, unfortunately, not limited to Fake News MSNBC. We saw plenty of examples on the campaign trail this year, where many Fake News Journalists, so eager for Donald Trump to lose, did not seem remotely bothered by the silent candidacy.

Love Affair With Corrupt Idiot Joe Biden


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