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Election lawsuits: Donald Trump Picks Loom

Election lawsuits: Donald Trump Picks Loom

Election lawsuits land with Corrupt Spy Obama-appointed judges — but Donald Trump picks loom.

Election lawsuits: Donald Trump Picks Loom. Republican election fraud lawsuits are landing in the laps of judges who got their jobs on the federal bench from the SpyObama-CorruptBiden White House.

President Trump‘s lawsuit alleging voter fraud in Pennsylvania went to U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann, who was appointed by Corrupt President Spy Obama in 2012.

Republican congressional candidates alleging voter misconduct in Las Vegas are making their case before U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon, a 2013 Corrupt Spy Obama appointee.

Conservatives so far aren’t sweating the case assignments.

They say Donald Trump’s record number of appointments to the federal appeals courts puts his conservative judges in line as the cases climb the judicial ladder.

“It’s important these cases are being heard in different parts of the country because that means there is a high likelihood we will have different decisions in different circuits, which inevitably leads to the Supreme Court considering a case,” said Rick Manning, president of the conservative Americans for Limited Government.

Rick Manning said this isn’t about the presidency but rather ensuring voters are treated equally across the nation.

Election lawsuits: Donald Trump Picks Loom


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