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Bozo Biden: Trump Hasn’t Conceded Yet

Bozo Biden: Trump Hasn’t Conceded Yet

Corrupt Creepy Bozo Slow Joe Biden: An ‘Embarrassment’ Donald Trump Hasn’t Conceded Yet.

Bozo Biden: Trump Hasn’t Conceded Yet. Corrupt Creepy Bozo Slow Joe Biden told reporters that it is “an embarrassment” that President Donald Trump has not yet conceded the election.

While the Fake Media has declared Corrupt Bozo Biden the “president-elect,” several battleground states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada are still counting and reanalyzing ballots and counting procedures.

RealClearPolitics lists Corrupt Bozo Biden as receiving 259 electoral votes, 11 short of the 70 needed to capture the presidency. Fake News CNN claims Biden has 279 votes, while Fox Fake News is more robust, awarding Biden 290 votes.

Nevertheless, Corrupt Bozo Biden said it is “an embarrassment” that his opponent has not given up despite the conflicting opinions and legal challenges.

“The only thing that, uh, how can I say this tactfully, I think it will not help the president’s legacy,” Corrupt Bozo Biden said.

Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden went on to acknowledge he has held discussions with foreign leaders and they are “hopeful that the United States democratic institutions are viewed once again as being strong and endured.”

Despite Donald Trump receiving more votes than any other sitting president, Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden said, “The majority of the people that voted for the president— a lot voted for him, a significantly smaller number but a lot voted for him— I think they understand that we have to come together.”

Corrupt Idiot Biden added that he thinks Trump supporters “are ready to unite.”

“I believe we can pull the country out of this bitter politics that we’ve seen the last 5-6-7 years,” the Corrupt Liar said, apparently lumping the Corrupt Obama-Biden years in with the Donald Trump years.

Bozo Biden: Trump Hasn’t Conceded Yet


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