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Unity Idiot Biden We Are Not Suckers!

Unity Idiot Biden We Are Not Suckers!

Unity Idiot Biden we are not suckers: Republicans reject ‘unity’ call after 4 years of ‘Resistance’.

Unity Idiot Biden We Are Not Suckers. Presumptive President-elect Corrupt Idiot Biden’s call for “unity” is being greeted by many Republicans with disbelief and scorn, after four years of Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats demonizing President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Some Corrupt Democrats, meanwhile, are itching for a Corrupt Biden Justice Department to prosecute Donald Trump and his advisers for perceived crimes after they leave the office. As an alternative, they’re urging employers to blacklist former Donald Trump officials from working again.

Several current and former White House Clowns are pointing to the “Trump Accountability Project” promoted by Commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York Communist, to shun Donald Trump officials after they leave office as proof of how out-of-touch Corrupt Idiot Biden is with his troops. They say it reeks of McCarthyism.

“This is what we were all afraid of,” a former White House official said. “Joe Biden is going to be a Trojan horse of the radical left. We’re seeing this six days after the election.”

Some on the right say Corrupt Idiot Biden’s show of reaching out to Donald Trump supporters also was presumptuous, noting that the president and his legal team are still challenging reported voting irregularities and fraud in several states. Donald Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said at a staff meeting Monday that Donald Trump is “still in this fight.”

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp said on Twitter, “For Democrats calling for unity you may want to actually stop counting illegal votes in NV first.”

Unity Idiot Biden We Are Not Suckers!


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