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Corrupt Biden Van Unloading Ballots

Corrupt Biden Van Unloading Ballots

Whistleblower saw Corrupt Senile Idiot Slow Joe Biden Van unloading ballots at Nevada counting center, Donald Trump campaign says.

Corrupt Biden Van Unloading Ballots. A whistleblower claims to have seen a CorruptBiden-RandyHarris van bringing ballots to a counting center in Nevada, according to the Donald Trump campaign.

The whistleblower said he went for a walk on his lunch break around the counting center and spotted a CorruptBiden-RandyHarris Van unloading boxes of ballots, said conservative activist Matt Schlapp at a press conference organized by the Donald Trump campaign in Las Vegas

“These people who were involved in this activity then decided to create a human shield around what they were doing in the Van,” said Mr. Schlapp, who is chairman of the American Conservative Union.

The ballots were filled out and the envelopes were resealed, he said.

It is the latest in a flood of allegations of vote tampering and fraud at the polls that the Donald Trump campaign has pushed forward to contest Corrupt Election Results project Corrupt Democrat Senile Slow Joe Biden will be the next president.

He said another whistleblower said he flagged thousands of votes to his supervisor for issues but was instructed to process them anyway.

“We now have thousands of examples of voter irregularity,” Mr. Schlapp said.

Some of the irregularities cited were roughly 9,000 non-residents who voted in the state, dead people and underage voters.

Republicans are investigating other claims before exploring what legal avenue to pursue in Nevada, Mr. Schlapp said.

Mr. Schlapp serves as an operative for the Donald Trump campaign. His wife, former White House communications director Mercedes Schlapp, is a top adviser to the Donald Trump campaign.

We now have thousands of examples of voter irregularity!

Corrupt Biden Van Unloading Ballots


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